We’re Loop.Coop, a bunch of programmers, musicians, artists, makers and inventors based in sunny Brighton. We make colourful things both in the real world and in the digital world, for people to play with and use creatively.

Our projects bring together music, arts and crafts, and a healthy dose of cutting edge web tech. We love our computers and all their possibilities, but we can just as often be found chopping up cardboard and getting messy with the pritt stick.

We are especially interested in how the web can bring people together to make things. With emerging technologies such as Web Audio, WebGL, and WebSockets, things are about to get pretty interesting in the world of online creative collaboration, and we want to be at the heart of it.

Our work so far includes creative apps, physical installations, immersive live events, as well as a number of workshops and hack days. We’re also busy behind the scenes creating an open source platform for multiplayer creative web apps, which we’ll be revealing more about soon.

We’re continuing to build our community of makers who are excited by technology and want to make things that have never been made before. We love to meet new people, so do say hello if you like the sound of what we do and want to be a part of it.